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Friday, 16 September 2011

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Pack

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Author : 100nadzmi
Link Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?3fzny63x3mabqhz
Include : Shinken (blue,green,pink,yellow )
Weapon include : Shinken green weapon and shinken blue gun.
Im give this for free to everyone. I dont think need to paste e-mail or something.Feel free to download.
I dont want someone publish this mods without the credit by the author.

ShinkenRed v1.2

Recolour the texture


For dark shinken blue import this texture:


For green dark shinken import this texture


Dark shinkenpink texture


Dark shinkenyellow


Anonymous said...

Shinkenger is almost complete!
Thank you to convert 5 shinkengers man!
recolur and the texture is the perfect red shinken
the only flaw that I saw are a bit the shape of the body, but is very well done
someone else said in another post that colleagues and fans should be always available for everyone to cultivate that bond of the universe, gta tokusatsu, I agree.
days ago I visited the hikaruseijim youtube channel, he said he put machine decade to download, I do not find ....
His mods are perfect, too bad he did not share ...
the other is also thetong not share that and he done almost all kamen riders ...

but they are people like you and we Yuniwii fans thank you, Thank you so!

Anonymous said...

shinkenger is almost ready I think even lack the sixth member of the group and Megazord
if not missing another
thnx dude

100nadzmi said...

Yeah i also think i miss the sixth member(shinken gold) but i cannot see it on the game.

Anonymous said...

i saw in the game the magirangers too, but i don´t known if have these models for convert
and two members for go onger (silver and gold)
and gosei knight
i don´t known if have these models for convert too
thanks man, i put on my gta transformations mod because your skins!! ninja mod too for the shinkengers and others

100nadzmi said...

i extract model from iso and i found magiranger,goseiknight and go onger gold no silver.

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