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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Extract model from Super Sentai Wii

I just learn how to extract model from wii iso and try it on Super Sentai game.
The models is in mdl folder and in brres format.
The model i extract

If i use this method is 10x more easy than using 3d ripper dx. And no need rigging skill.
Although the model is already in T-pose. Then what need to do is just attached it to gta bones.
And just fix a bug a bit.
Im gonna make more super sentai mods.


Anonymous said...

It is then easy to extract the models to convert to the GTA?
little tricky if you could do a tutorial if you wish, of course

this is beautiful Megazord
if you convert them to play in the GTA as models transformers or gundam mod in front mission
cool that

Anonymous said...

how to extract models for 3ds?
because I have a program but it only opens files. arc
and not. brres

which program do you use to extract the models. brres??

100nadzmi said...

Guess if i can teach it here. What game you want to extract. Some game use various like fpk,brres or arc.Use brresviewers.
If model in fpk format(climax heroes) you must use fpk extractor to convert it into brres and extract the texture.
Then open the brres in brresviewers and export the model into psk format.
Then, in 3ds max run actor x importer script(download it)
Import the psk file.
The texture load automatically and you will see bones.Convert it into editable mesh.
And delete the bones. Now ready to rig.

Use brressviewers and actor x importer

Anonymous said...

Thank same friend
I'll keep trying, I would try to convert skins tokusatsu also
converts almost nobody ... personnel only like anime like naruto or bleach ...
I got this program: brressviewers
and managed to transform the file. psk I'm in this stage
I searching some videos on youtube, maybe one day I can convert ...
I'm currently also trying to play super sentai battle ...

I download 3dmax not know if it opens extension. psk to convert 3ds
but I'll keep trying

Anonymous said...

I do always downloads to your blog
I see many blog posts in which fans are asking the Megazords
Megazords fans asking them to play in front mission mod
always wanted to learn how to convert but I always thought hard, but now I try to learn how to convert for GTA tokusatsus skins, because now I really want to play with Megazords also because it should be very interesting
but I believe it should be harder to convert Megazords ....

100nadzmi said...

psk cannot be converted to 3ds. You need to import the psk first and then export it into 3ds.

Anonymous said...

hello me again
I'm kinda out of time in these next few weeks
I downloaded the 3dmax
actor_x_importer ...
I was able to open the file. psk in 3dmax
and I stopped here because no time now to
but after opening the file. psk in 3dmax, a long way to finish converting the skin for gta?
and I ask one more thing

Anonymous said...

I was watching your videos on youtube and came across this: Converting Weapons GTA SA Tutorial (Dolphin Emulator)

well .. I wanted to ask you one thing for
you did a tutorial for weapons of kamen rider gta
Could you do a tutorial on converting skins
actor_x_importer using the plugin so well?
then you could convert any member super sentai game
from the beginning until the conclusion of the skin finally converted
I want to convert skins too, are fans of tokusatsu, we can not let this die
let's create a world of tokusatsu in gta!

100nadzmi said...

I guess too, also i wanna use that method. and use the shinkenger as model.Let me try

Anonymous said...

100nadzmi, if you do this tutorial it will be very thankful to you
because I have everything ready here at PC
I just need to know how the steps in the conversion
bug fixes, move something, etc.
and when do you put the link please
thanks friend

Anonymous said...

hi!! always i come here talk to you lol
100nadzmi i import the .psk file (gokai red i try convert) and saw the bones, i come for editable mesh and stop here, and now?
if it does not seem to convert skin is hard as I thought
I do not want to be boring, I apologize for bothering you get
I want to learn how to convert skins for gta tokusatsu as I said
I ask why you tell me when you do a tutorial?
like I said I'm sorry to be bothering you
but I think you like much of the world tokusatsu
and realize this "world" would be very good in gta
and I want to help
Thanks again for your attention

Anonymous said...

here open one archive .fbx
i import on 3dmax
but not have texture

100nadzmi said...

.fbx format i forgot about it. You can ask yuniwii. As i know you must extract the texture from archive. Have you use fbx converter.

100nadzmi said...


Im start rigging when i see this video.

Anonymous said...

i starting try convert, i find some tutorials on youtube

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