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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Battlehopper- GTA SA bike

The Battle Hopper (バトルホッパー Batoru Hoppā?) is a living motorcycle created by Gorgom, made specifically for the upcoming Creation Kings Black Sun and Shadow Moon. The Battle Hopper has the ability to heal its own wounds if damaged, and can stand on its own if knocked over. His special move is the Dynamic Smash, a body slam attack that is executed at full speed. Before the finale, Battle Hopper was later stolen by Shadow Moon and dies in the final episode, but would later be resurrected as Acrobatter in response to Black's evolution to Black RX.
Download : 
Please do not upload this mods anywhere without my permission  and the credits. 



Anonymous said...

but have no file .txd...
i like your bike

Anonymous said...

you created this bike?
is beautiful I would like to play with it in my gta
is the black kamen rider, my favorite
it has no texture

Anonymous said...

the bike have the textures
just replace the file on gta3.img

and thanks so much 100nadzim, this bike is a dream

100nadzmi said...

Yes,, the bike have it texture.. the default sanchez.txd
Im just use standard colour to retexture battlehopper.Its means, im not unwarp the UVW.

Anonymous said...

how wonderful
thank you
this is one of the most legendary motorcycle of the universe tokusatsu
thanks for this great classical piece

another classic bike very well, is Acrobatter (Kamen Rider Black RX)
you will do it for GTA?

100nadzmi said...


Anonymous said...

hey 100nadzim its me, Kango
great man!! its a big surprise, thanks !!!

100nadzim,I'll try to learn modeling in December or even January ...


about gavan the movie trailer :

with this gavan design is perfect and his texture is perfect too
i will try convert this classic metal heroes for gta!!!!!! if I will able to learn how to convert...
but unfortunately it will take a lot ...

Anonymous said...

and how many days did you do this bike?

please make a tutorial of how to model from scratch
want to see his talent again!
I liked your tutorial "how convert weapons for gta" from kamen rider climax heroes

Anonymous said...

link download shadowmoon ny dong om

Anonymous said...

congratulations, the bike is very well done!
What is your next model?

100nadzmi said...

My next model is G3 bike, or you can see other models that i have made at My 3Dmodel page

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