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Monday, 21 November 2011

AcroBatter in GTA SA

Acrobatter (アクロバッター Akurobattā?) is the revived version of Black's old motorcycle, the Battle Hopper in response to Black's transformation to RX. It is now capable of speaking coherent Japanese, and often has conversations with Kotaro. Powered by sunlight, Arcobatter can execute the Acrobatic Burn (アクロバットバーン Akurobatto Bān?) attack. Whenever RX transforms into any of his two other forms, it does the same: Becoming the high speed Roboizer (ロボイザー Roboizā?) for RoboRider with two Vulcan Gun (バルカン砲 Barukan Hou?) blasters mounted at its rear and the Mach Jabber (マックジャバー Makku Jabā?) for BioRider.

Author : 100nadzmi
Start on : 21 Nov- 22 Nov
 GTA SA Bike mods

Screenshot : 


Anonymous said...

you´re the best man!!!
the most classic bike of kamen rider world stay here, because of YOU

100nadzmi said...

OK Whats next?? I have a fourzebike unconverted and g3 bike in WIP.

Anonymous said...

hey man, thanks a lot
please make a tutorial how to modeling
as others that you made
like how to convert weapon
for exemple

Anonymous said...

this is interesting
fourze bike and g3-x bike!
g3x bike-police bike
is so good
please make a tutorial
modeling fourze bike
or g3x-bike
you are professional!

Anonymous said...

i look your 3d art and saw tamashi combo
you will modelling it for gta? will be nice!

its possible modelling character from a toy?
its beautiful? or not? because on gta probably
the toy-model can looks like a toy on gta.

100nadzmi said...

Im modelling based or guided from SH figure. I mean the picture. It very details. Side view, front, or top of the picture i use as blueprint.
Or i use blueprint from Kamen Rider BookArt.


Anonymous said...

Hello 100nadzim congratulations! you managed to bring a rarity for the GTA! Acrobatter! now just misses RX!

you want to download the game: Power Rangers Samurai for wii?
because I not found the link for download iso...
I want the link...

Anonymous said...

dude you are interested in modeling this bike? (555 bike, delta bike)
I believe it must be very hard, because it has too much detail




100nadzmi said...

I modeled through side picture. To use it as blueprint.Usually i guide from toys or figure. I need picture that very detail like it front ,side, top. And faiz bike already someone make it.

100nadzmi said...


Like this picture is very details

Anonymous said...

hi man its me kango!
you like so much monters from tokusatsus or power rangers
me too
I downloaded power rangers samurai wii game, and this game have so much monsters!!
but i not able to extract the models
the formact is .berrs
but the 3dmodels are into a one file (compressed in one file) in .cpk file...
i don,t known how to extract the models, you can help me?
i used crifilesystem program, but appear a error message..
you can teach me how to extract?

Anonymous said...

if you want I can pass you link for download iso
i foundo for just 1,2GB
and n others skites I found for 4,5GB...

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