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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Riot Trooper in GTA SA

Riot Trooper 
Riotroopers (ライオトルーパー Raiotorūpā?) are Smart Brain's personal army of users of mass-produced Kamen Rider-like transformation devices known as Smart Buckles. Riot Trooper first appearance  on Kamen Rider 555. 

An army of riot trooper


Name : Riot Trooper 
Author : 100nadzmi
Finished on : 5 october 2011
Model from : Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO

Download Files 
Link 2

Sorry at this moment my country cant access mediafire.com

Sorry guys, if you found this skin have no texture.
Open the riot.txd with txd workshop.
Click on the texture. 
You can see it name : tgaTEX_RAT01_000_00
Delete the tga.
Its done.


The DarkKiva said...

bikin mod dark kiva dong...
gw dah bikin teksturnya.

100nadzmi said...

Can give me the texture.. Dont send to my mail.I dont have any access anymore to my yahoo. Just give link for your image.


can't you create any showa rider like stronger or amazon? or you could start to make fourze!

Anonymous said...

hello, thank you for making great skins!

I was looking at some of your textures for models converted
I saw that they were better than the originals, as shinkenred.txd and kamen riders
that is, you very well textured and convert well
so I ask you something, you like shinkengers, dislikes?
you can re-texture the shinken gold as these links?:




shinken gold the color of the link is the same as the color of gold
and texture of the game ranger cross just yellow

you able to do texture the shinken gold as well?

The DarkKiva said...

yes I want to make this but the software mod (3d max2010) it can not run on my computer

Anonymous said...

please man
pleaaase 100nadzim convert spac sherif spirits skins for gta dude!!!

Anonymous said...

how can i import .mdl files on 3dmax9?

100nadzmi said...

Anynomous 1: If you ask yuniwii to convert, he will also ask about the model. Ask him, he extract from seigi no keifu. Between sigi no keifu and space sherif gavan, they look like using the same platform although it was deeloped by bandai.

Anonymous said...

sorry 100nadzmi
i understand your answer
but I asked them to convert because you know you like tokusatsu
thought you would be interested to also convert
but thank you, when I have a chance I will ask for yuniwii

100nadzmi said...

I dont know how to import mdl format to 3ds max. I use brresviewer and export it as pask instead mdl.
Then using ACtorX importer we can import pask model or psa animation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your patience with me for talking 100nadzim
I think the 3d models
are. mdl game space sheriff spirits
I do not know how to transform this file to import in 3ds 3dmax
I can not open this file in many programs such as MilkShape or mdl decompiler
do not really know how to do, unfortunately not open the brresviewer mdl file
I'm sorry for insisting to convert or you teach me how to find models, is that really always wanted to convert Gavan, and Sharivan to Shaider

the game is small 600mb
this very difficult ...
unfortunately do not think I'll have metal heroes
in gta, will go away with time ...
because converting tokusatsu gta, always keep this love alive by tokusatsu

100nadzmi said...

how you know the model is .mdl file.
You extract it from iso?
Theres no mdl importer but they said use mdl decompiler to convert it into smd format.
Then use smd importer to import ti 3ds max. May work on 3ds max 9 and older.
But about the mdl decompiler, it sure have many problem when using it. Ask yuniwii to hack the space gavan using Hex Editor (HXD) method.

Anonymous said...

I opened the iso and found several files. mdl. psi. mot together
I know the convertsao smd to mdl by mdl decompiler, but as I said mdl decompiler mdl files does not open the space sheriff spirits do not know why.
I have in my smd plugin 3dmax 2009
the Yuniwii
gombolori.com is inactive because of it to send messages
gombolori.net gtaindonesia.blogspot and can not send messages
to worsen and not have face book ...
The only contact I could have with him was gombolori.com ...
hex editor on the system still does not know this, so I find now what it is, hopefully in a very much because I want to extract the 3d models of the space sheriff spirits
because if you look, the entire contents of the game would be nice to convert to gta sa, many pedestrians, classic villains and characters
is a rare game that was made in 2006, but unfortunately we are almost in 2012 and we have no conversion of this classic tokusatsu infirm for gta ...
housed 100nadzmi speaking of this hex editor, I had hope, will look into it now

Anonymous said...

hi, me again
i downloaded hex editor
i able to open with him the .mdl file sharivan
when i open show
many numbers and some words
i don´t known how to use hex editor and i don´t know what finality of the hex...

100nadzmi said...

hey man, why dont find me on facebook and contact me. Yuniwii also have facebook. You can find mdl file in ps2 iso. I also dont know how to use cause it full off weird code. But model, music and script is stored in there.Either its archive or encrypted. If the gavan iso file is encrypted ,theres no hope tro get the model.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your invitation.
good, I think that is not encrypted
because when I started playing with skins gta sa andreas (2009) I
I saw a video on youtube of skin selector, and it had Sharivan Shaider Gavan
was very poorly done, so deleted it, I had downloaded
and it was written that was converted from the space sheriff spirits
I think I can not open this file is for my lack of experience even
sorry to insist, but you do not really interested in trying to convert? the game is small, only 600mb
perhaps the only ones who can get
is you and Yuniwii, but the same Yuniwii converts many different skins, so this was just another game for him,
now for us, I believe that every game is important for the GTA, as it has many characters and villains
or if you are not interested in converting, you do not like to play with these skins tokusatsu classic in the history of? If so, you could ask the same extracts as Yuniwii mdl models (open in 3dmax) by Seigi no keifu? but of course if you are interested in these skins as well.
as tokusatsu fan, I think a bit of carelessness on the part of us fans a game this made ​​a masterpiece in 2006 and 2012 and are almost never converted, not to mention that there is no metal hero tokusatsu gta yet.
exemlo 100nadzim for you to convert was the first super sentai gta, congrats I'll always know this guy.
you would not be the first to convert metal heroes too?

Anonymous said...

Please look at these photos my friend
do you think it's worth
forgotten and left this game
not converting to gta?
for me we have a treasure because the whole game can be used





100nadzmi said...

You say, you found gavan on gta. Please give link.
Although i born on 1997 and never seen gavan, but i really like classic tokusatsu better. Its very memoriable when im watching super sentai and kamen rider black rx. I think im wanna do some research about extracting ps2 iso. I think these 3 game use same format and platform. Seigi no Keifu,Space Gavan, Garo Red Requim. They developed by bandai.

This man extract many model from ps2 using Hex Editor.He said the model is begin with MDL format. And some game texture using MAT format.
He import the model to blender. And convert it into obj. But he doesnt give the texture.
Maybe getting the texture is difficult just like yuniwii getting KR ichigo nigo texture. Also have some problems. Go to that website and contact him

100nadzmi said...

I think you post this to gombolori.net
I have found this before, but i actually doesnt know what it is. Why dont use that mod.

Anonymous said...

100nadzim unfortunately the download link Exiros I think because I can not download more ...
but I have the link that has an image this very poorly done, but there is, and if we could put in gta would be great


I look very happy indeed to know that you like to redeem a classic in my opinion they are somehow the "fathers" of tokusatsu, all I say classic because I also like it very much
I had a surprise, you said you like kamen rider black rx, man he is one of the heroes of my childhood
and I am very happy even by bringing the black climaxheroesFourze rx and their forms so we can convert to gta!

and the link that you gave me I will check, maybe I'll download the blender then
thanks again

Anonymous said...

no, i´m not put this on gombolori.net
mybe other fan too
its nice

100nadzmi said...

No , no need for downloading blender. Not you the one who put link on gombolori.net.
He asking for space sheriff gavan. and his name alex.

Anonymous said...

i understand
100nadzmi if ever you want the link to download this game space sheriff spirits just ask me

100nadzmi said...

Really i want the crash bandicoot model from crash the titans or crash mind over mutant. Really love that series. But the last part for the game i cant download. Earlier day until now, malaysia have problem connecting on megaupload,filesonic,filetube and fileserve.

Anonymous said...

100nadzim build models from 0, as does thetong
hikaruseijin is very difficult?
because maybe, then farm agent can learn by watching tutorials modeling

100nadzmi said...

yeah, my goal is learn modelling from scracth.
I sometime stop modding to learn modelling ahuman. But its not that just easy. Thats taking lot of days to learn. Just look, yuniwii have convert and rig hunderds of skin but he still cant create from scratch. Only some people will have that abilities. But this hirakuseijin is very talented.

His fisrt gta modding is decade on 2009. He create from scratch and look like hes new in modelling. Just look untill now, her skill getting more and more.

Anonymous said...

I Understand
i will then look for some tutorials modeling

and returning the space sheriff spirits
on the 3d ripper dx, it is possible to use it to capture the skins of the game for ps2 emulator?
on my pc, my dolphin 3d ripper dx will not run, nor the ps2 ...

Anonymous said...

100nadzim you could please
ask for extracting models yuniwii mdl
or rather, how he managed to extract the models Seigi no keifu for 3dmax?
and if he knows how I can extract the models of the space sheriff spirit please

Anonymous said...

if you want i have jaspion character for star wars jedi academy 3


this model is a classic metal hero like sharivan gavan and shaider
and is avaliable to download. the file is .pk3
i able to open this file and see some others files (.skin, and .gml and some textures) maybe you can convert this for gta
i don´t know open .skin file on 3dmax

100nadzmi said...

The model look like classic hereos Gavan, but its from starwars. Sorry, you can give the model to yuniwii. Find him on facebook.

Anynomous1; You say 3d ripper dx work on ps2 emulator. I have try ,some emulator not support.
If you capture, you get the model but maybe have no texture or the model get flatten. Sometimes the 3d got incorrect vertices. But what the important is 3d model.

I also have ever try on psx emulator, when i capture from kamen rider agito psx, i only get the model. But low poly.Theres a way to rip texture from psx. But the texture is lack of quality like 8bit colour.

Anonymous said...

h์ello Nadzmi,can U remake Faiz& Faiz accel form?

100nadzmi said...

Why,yuniwii faiz skin has lack texture or bugging.
If lack of texture, i have post the 512x512 faiz and faiz axel texture.

When i have time, i will make.

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