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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

How do i made 3d model (RIP)

Fisrt you need to have these program :
-3d ripper dx
-3ds max

Run your game and select your game directory.
Launch your game.
You will see at top of the corner (ready to capture) Press F12 to start rigging(capture 3d)
Press F11 for the wireframe mode.After capture within 1-5 minute. Close your game.

Then, open up 3d Studio Max.
Go to 3ds max start button> Import
Select My Document>3d Ripper DX>Frame
Select the 3dr file format.
Then, go to recommended value and select one of it.
Wait for it to loading.

After done. It could be like this.
This is where i capture a 3d scene in a house.
Delete unessecory object.
Delete all object that you dont need until you found what tou want.
One of the 3d model that i rip.
Press F9 to render image.
Save image as png (have transparent background)
Image could be save in high resolution with is 48 bit colour.


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