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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ultraman Gaia + Agul

Ultraman Gaia v2
Ultraman Gaia is an Ultra-crusader that stared in his own of the same name.
Ultraman Gaia takes place in yet another universe, one that is totally different from the world of the original Ultramen , as well as world of Ultraman Tiga and  Ultraman Dyna.

This is Gaia v2 which is gaia forst form after absorbing Agul's essence

Ultraman Agul v2
Ultraman Agul is the all-blue ultraman who appears in the 1998 tokusatsu SF/kaiju/superhero series Ultraman Gaia. Throughout the entire course of the series, Ultraman Agul is sometimes a rival, sometimes an adversary, but eventually a teammate, of Ultraman Gaia.
Fistly appear in Ultraman Gaia episode 3
This is Agul v2.

Rig by 100nadzmi


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