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Friday, 2 December 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Fire and Elec State (Problems Fix) +Weapon

Kamen Rider Fourze Fire State
 (ファイヤーステイツ, Faiyā Suteitsu)
Kamen Rider Fourze's red form accessed by the powers of the Fire Switch. In Fire States, Fourze is able to use the Fire Module Hea-Hackgun (ファイヤーモジュール ヒーハックガン, Faiyā Mojūru Hīhakku Gan) which can change into Flame Mode (火炎モード, Kaen Mōdo) to be able to shoot fire, and Fire Extinguisher Mode (消火モード, Shōka Mōdo), where it can shoot fire-dousing foam.

Rig by 100nadzmi 
Link : V2

If you cant load fourze elec state.Open the fourzeEL.txd.
For picture with name (TEX_FOZ01_000_00.png)the top one.
Make it like this 
Untick the Alpha is used
And tick the compressed

Kamen Rider Fourze Elec State
(エレキステイツ, Ereki Suteitsu)
Kamen Rider Fourze's golden form accessed by the powers of the Elek Switch. In Elek States, Fourze is able to control electricity and use the Elek Module Billy the Rod (エレキモジュール ビリーザロッド, Ereki Mojūru Birīza Roddo). Kamen Rider Fourze is initially unable to activate Elek States during the first use of the Elek Switch, due to not being familiar with the Switch's States-changing powers, causing its electrical abilities to backfire onto him. After Gentaro's experience in befriending JK, he realizes that he has to "befriend" the Elek Switch, enabling the transformation into Elek States without any unwanted side-effects.

rig by 100nadzmi 

Weapon Link 
convert by Haziq 


Anonymous said...

good job bro
but how do i download those mods ??

100nadzmi said...

im confident to release cause i have discuss with yuniwii that he will also release this mods.
Later on

Anonymous said...

ahh i see
i think it's time for u to rig the rest of ooo combo mods such as tajador putotyra burakawani and shauta :)

Yuniwii said...

@100nadzmi you can release them, it's your mod. When i write this i even not rig that Fourze mode yet.
All models from game not our models (it's owned by the developer of the game)and everyone have possibilities to access them. Including; to convert them. The conflict among modders should not happen, when the files already exist in a game, ... I think i should write in your blog too. You don't need wait for me, ...

100nadzmi said...

Thnx yuni,, i can go this far because of you

Anonymous said...

thx for the download link bro
but i think the fourze elec state is still bugged
i cant load it...i'm not sure why that's happen but i guess it's because the txd file..there is somehing wrong with it

Anonymous said...

fourze elec state Unusable.

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