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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Kamen Rider Black RX- (Roborider,Biorider)

Kamen Rider Black RX 
(仮面ライダーBLACK RX Kamen Raidā Burakku Āru Ekkusu?)
is the primary and eponymous protagonist in the 1988-1989 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Black RX. Black RX is the evolved form of Kamen Rider Black. He is the first Kamen Rider to switch into different forms. Since then, form switching has been used in various Heisei period Rider Series. Tetsuo Kurata reprised his role as Kotaro Minami.

(ロボライダー Robo Raidā?)
known as the Prince of Sadness and Prince of Flames, is RX's armored form manifested through sorrow for the love of humanity. In this form, RX's armor becomes bulky and more robotic-like, with black and orange coloring as his insign becomes a "R2" and his Sunriser resembles a gearbox. Though lacking agility and speed, Robo Rider makes it up in not only enhanced strength and defense but his Robo Form (ロボフォーム Robo Fōmu?) skin allows him to absorb heat energy to utilize. His signature weapon is the Vortech Shooter pistol and can perform the Robo Punch (ロボパンチ Robo Panchi?).

(バイオライダー Baio Raidā?)
known as the Nature Prince and Prince of Anger, is RX's highspeed form manifested through rage. In this form, RX's armor becomes much sleeker, blue and silver all over with his insigna changed to R3 and his Sunriser belt resembles a single Kingstone belt. Though having a weaker defense, Bio Rider makes it up with enhanced speed and the ability to transform into gel for escaping traps or attacking enemies while not getting hurt in the process. His weapon is the unbreakable sword, Bio Blade and can perform the Bio Attack (バイオアタック Baio Atakku?)

Rig by 100nadzmi


Anonymous said...

the best kamen rider
for me!
thanks man for the skins and the bike

You think in improve acrobbater?
make a new version?

100nadzmi said...

cant,, instead of making it new version. I have many other work ican do. Making new model instead improved it

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