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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Baltan All Forms

Alien Baltans
 (Baltan Seijin in Japenese) are antropods from space. They are one of Ultraman's most popular foes. Baltan's first appearence was in Episode #2 of Ultraman "Shoot the Invaders!". Their epithet is "Space Ninja." Their trademark is their sinister laugh. They have made many appareances throught the Ultra Series, with his most recent appereance being on Ultraman Max. Baltans become more strong and dangerous as time passes, the last Baltan to try to invade Earth was able to defeat an Ultra.

Basical Baltan
Fisrt appearence : Ultraman Cosmos
Baltan was the ruler of his dieing world, the last adult of his species, with thousands of child Baltan looking to him for their protection and future. His only choice was to seek a new world for his kind, and he did, finding the planet Earth.

Baltan Seijin (Ultimate)
Baltan Seijin, a highly advanced insectoid race, came to Earth with two other members of it's species in the form of green orbs. However, one member's molyed skin and was analyzed by WINR, lossing what stealth capabilities they had.

Mecha Baltan
Fisrt appearence : Ultraman Jonias
Coming to Earth with invasion in mind, Baltan was pursued by the Science Garrison. The alien drove his round, glowing ship into a mountainside where he unleashed Mikonos. As Ultraman Jonias battled the red monster, the invader set up a base in the forest, disguising his ship as a common home. It didn’t take long for the Science Garrison to discover its hideout and soon Hikari ventured inside and was confronted by the alien.

rig by 100nadzmi
model credit to Bandai Namco Games
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