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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Mods in Gta SA

After 1 week left modding, cause my pc problems.. Im just download the 3dsMax2009 and pretty hard to use than 2010. Also have many problems when running on my windows 7. I cant handle my pc problem and my website together.

Goseiger Mods

5 Goseiger mods


Anonymous said...

dudeeeeee thankkkkksss is goseigers!!
man please see this video link (1min): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I25XKVbOzmk
do you like tokusatsu
like us who downloaded your skins, we would be happy if
you could convert these models in the game
Are you interested in converting these classic models for tokusatsu heroes
gta sa?
if you are interested
I pass the download links for you
I think the files are. mdl

Anonymous said...

for download,
this game just have 630mb

100nadzmi said...

mdl? iso format. I think you want to give me the model. Thats not that i dont like tokusatsu. In my mind, i really want to convert from ps2 game, Gavan, Garo Red Requim, Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2. Im only can download model from some forum or thread. There extract model from ps2 and give download link.

Anonymous said...

100nadzmi I will give you a link to download the game SPACE sheriff spirits for you to download the iso
and to convert the characters of this game for gta
if you want the link just tell me that I send the link of the game

You Are Able to extract the characters in this game to gta?

I have the iso, but I do not know these models to extract

Nikorasu-san ニコラスさん said...

I put the skins of Goseigers my Gta,but when I was playing with the Gosei Red,he was no texture!

Note:I put the files goseired.dff and goseired.txd in skin.img

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