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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Rumors About Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze(Wii) -Update New Rumors

Just hear rumors abouut it dont know if it could exist like climax heroes W and OOO. Climax Heroes Fourze to be said same platform as climax heroes OOO and before. Like the main character form climax heroes OOO will be Fourze. More rumors says that Climax Heroes Fourze has OOO Tajadoru , OOO PuToTyra, OOO Burakawani and Birth. Mostly they said rider from showa era will be playable for this game.Like be seen in Battle Ganbaride has showa era rider to be play. Maybe the game will be make after the succes of Super Sentai Wii game.

4/9/2011- SUNDAY

Based on new in Japan Playstation Magazine, climax heroes Fourze will have OOO PuToTyra and OOO TaJaDoRu.

Base on the magazine, the upcoming game platform is only PSP and Wii.

Confirm Showa Era rider available
- Ichigo
- Nigo
- V3
- Amazon
- Black
- Black RX + BioRider
- Shadowmoon

Maybe they will use the same model from Battle Ganbaride.
See these picture

Some gameplay



Anonymous said...

hope it's true!
because then we might have to play (convert) these kamen rider gta sa as fourze, Tajadoru OOO, OOO PuToTyra, OOO Burakawani, Birth and other
new to come!
because of that want to ask you one thing, the Yuniwii already converted TaToBa combo, and SaGhoZo combo, you are interested in converting and RatoRaTar Gatakiriba Combos?

giotto said...

it hard you know and for ooo it slipt part

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Man, there are several games tokusatsus, and now others will be thrown like this kamen rider climax heroes fourze that will have many skins, super sentai battle cross gokaiger, and others yet to come.
They are actually many skins, and I know it must be very painful for people like you, and Yuniwii that convert these skins
I want to give an idea:
Why do not you and Yuniwii a partnership of both a blog tokusatsu folder?
You and he converts some other skins for GTA, and as you are being more recognized in the world of Tokusatsu-GTA, you may get other partners, and in the end, maybe you can build (materialize) one in the actual world of tokusatsu Andreas gta sa with many skins of Japanese heroes and monsters.
Because if you convert some skin here
Yuniwii and there, you guys are very talented, so I think I need to come together
I'm not sending this message to him because I do not know how to contact him


100nadzmi said...

you can find yuniwii facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000804245861. I dont think we need to make a blog. I can sponsor about his blog.Although my rigging skill is not enough.Lately, i have make a lot of kamen rider skin that yuniwii dont do, but i cant fix bugs.Sometimes i m just waiting for new yuniwii kamen rider skin to come.But he just left modding kamen rider for many months.

Anonymous said...

He did not do kamen riders ... long ago that he does not ... the last were the Saghozo and den-form the climax ....
You would strive to convert new kamen rider of the new game, and the super sentai gokaiger the game, even one to one for you to go slowly improved and is making it available for download?
There is a guy named thetong he made many skins kamen riders and everyone was perfect except that he never released them to download ... I think fans are fans on the Internet and has to be jointly and severally always passing the news,
thetong could have been very popular if you put your skins for download.

100nadzmi said...

maybe you right.but i dont know why i have left modding for many days and sometime i dont have time.

Anonymous said...

is coming!
the Super Sentai Battle: Ranger Cross out Sept. 8,


This is great!

Will they come out new versions in the future as heroes kamen rider climax ...

Anonymous said...

HERE THE LINK FROM download super sentai batle ranger cross:

plz when you have time convert for gta this characters, thanks!!!

100nadzmi said...

thnkx i have search the link anywhere but not find. I sure will convert it, my main point is red shinkenger.my favourite at all

Anonymous said...

Thank you for wanting to convert
when you leave for the super sentai download I want to play my gta mod transformation of Naruto + skin + gokaired gokaiger robot
in gta gokaired want to play with and call the robot, enter it (front mission mod) and destroy the monsters (pedestrians replaced)
thanks man

Blog I visit Yuniwii he converted kamen rider ichigo and Nigo!

kamen rider fourze about the only thing we can do is wait out the game for wii and convert the models ...

Thanks buddy

Anonymous said...

will be the best game

Anonymous said...

Hey,when this game is already here I bet you can extract fourze skin from the game

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