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Friday, 12 August 2011

Gonna Have Super Sentai For Gta SA

After hear the announcement for new Wii Game Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross Game , i want to rip maybe model from that game to Gta SA.I see the model is so nice too. Lots of villians . I can also mix it with my Kamen Rider In Gta. Although i never see super sentai for gta mod before. Maybe yuniwii also will make mod for this mostly ped. His ped rigging skill so perfect and nice. Although he has rig many ped before.Maybe i only do what can i do.

The model have nice mapping and texture
can made other sentai teams as friend or gang member.

Maybe can also robot be rig as a ped

You can watch the trailer below.

You can check more screenshot herehere!!

Just cant wait for the game to be release!!!


Anonymous said...

MAN this is a perfect idea!!!!
super sentai for gta sa, new preject!!!!!
thanks man

100nadzmi said...

dont know when the game will release.

Anonymous said...

Man! super sentai cross the game will come out on September 8 this year for Wii
you will convert the characters and robots when this game out and put them to download tokusatsus for us fans?

I want to give you an idea of tokusatsu,
open this link
here's the game The Space Sheriff Spirits - PS2 this game has many villains
and the heroes are: Gavan and Sharivan Shaider
you interested in converting them to gta sa?

one last idea I want to give you, I wrote on another page
improve on the version of Kamen Rider Black RX
here's a picture of it and download:
Are you interested in converting it to gta as well?

either by writing

Please answer me I am very fan of Kamen Rider Black RX
If you are not interested in improving this version of kamen rider black rx okay ...

Anonymous said...

Hi, the game will be released on September 8 this year
I am very anxious if you want to try and convert the characters from the game for gta

so I want give you one idea about the Megazords, there is a mod called front mission for gta sa link:

this mod you play with the same robots, and making sure you convert the Megazords, just replace the skin and put the size of Megazords
is a good idea


Anonymous said...

great idea man
please convert the characters of the game for gta on september!!
and post download
you able to do this?

Anonymous said...

DUDE look this imagens of skins from this game:

and the megazord:

perfect skins, imagine this converted on gta!!!!!
the dream of super sentai fan

Anonymous said...

great ideia


i love this!

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